Method createPatchBaseline(String vcUri, String name, String description, String contentType, String targetType, VumPatchInfo[] includePatch, VumPatchInfo[] excludePatch, boolean isExtension, VumPatchSearchSpec searchSpec)

Creates a new patch baseline. Patch baselines can be applied to hosts or virtual machines. Depending on the patch criteria you select, patch baselines can be either dynamic or static (fixed). You can specify the patches that you want to include in the baseline by using the includePatch parameter. You can also use the searchSpec attribute to filter the patches that you want to include in a baseline. You can filter patches by their properties, such as product, vendor, severity, and release date. The patches that have been excluded by using the excludePatch parameter will never be included even if they correspond to the filter defined by the searchSpec attribute.




Name Type Description
vcUri String vCenter Server
name String Specify a name of the patch baseline.
description String Specify a description of the patch baseline.
contentType String Value from the BaselineContentType enumeration
targetType String Specify the vSphere object type of the new patch baseline. The valid value is host. This parameter is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
includePatch VumPatchInfo[] For fixed baselines, you should specify the patches that you want to include in the baseline. These patches will be added in the currentPatches property of the returned baseline object. For dynamic baselines, you can specify the patches that you want to add to the baseline in addition to the patches meeting the search criteria. The patches supplied through the includePatch parameter are stored in the inclPatches property of the baseline. These patches are also added to the baseline's currentPatches property that contains the patches meeting the search criteria and the patches provided by the includePatch parameter. Patches specified by the excludePatch parameter are not included in the currentPatches property of a baseline.
excludePatch VumPatchInfo[] Specify the patches that you want to exclude from the dynamic baseline. Once excluded, a patch cannot be included even if it corresponds to the filter defined by the searchSpec parameter.
isExtension boolean Specify if the new patch baseline is an extension baseline. Do not use this parameter if the contentType is BOTH or DYNAMIC. Extension baselines are only static (fixed) and are used to perform installation of extensions. An extension is any additional software that can be installed on the host or patched if the additional software already exists on the host.
searchSpec VumPatchSearchSpec Patch search criteria for DYNAMIC baseline