Method listFilesInGuest(VcVirtualMachine vm, VcGuestAuthentication auth, String filePath, Number index, Number maxResults, String matchPattern)

Returns information about files or directories in the guest.

The results could be extermely large, so to minimize the size of the return value for cases where a UI only needs to show the first N results, the answer is batched. Files are returned in OS-specific (inode) order. If the directory is modified between queries, missing or duplicate results can occur.




Name Type Description
vm VcVirtualMachine Virtual Machine to perform the operation on.
auth VcGuestAuthentication The guest authentication data. See <a href="VcGuestAuthentication.html">VcGuestAuthentication</a>.
filePath String The complete path to the directory or file to query.
index Number Which result to start the list with. The default is 0.
maxResults Number The maximum number of results to return. The default is 50.
matchPattern String A filter for the return values. Match patterns are specified using perl-compatible regular expressions. If matchPattern is unset, then the pattern '.*' is used.