Plugins > vCenter Server 5.5.3 > VcGuestFileManager > createTemporaryDirectoryInGuest

Method createTemporaryDirectoryInGuest(VcVirtualMachine vm, VcGuestAuthentication auth, String prefix, String suffix, String directoryPath)

Creates a temporary directory.

Creates a new unique temporary directory for the user to use as needed. The user is responsible for removing it when it is no longer needed.




Name Type Description
vm VcVirtualMachine Virtual Machine to perform the operation on.
auth VcGuestAuthentication The guest authentication data. See <a href="VcGuestAuthentication.html">VcGuestAuthentication</a>.
prefix String The prefix to be given to the new temporary directory.
suffix String The suffix to be given to the new temporary directory.
directoryPath String The complete path to the directory in which to create the new directory. If unset or an empty string, a guest-specific location will be used.