Plugins > vCenter Server 5.5.3 > VcGuestFileManager > changeFileAttributesInGuest

Method changeFileAttributesInGuest(VcVirtualMachine vm, VcGuestAuthentication auth, String guestFilePath, VcGuestFileAttributes fileAttributes)

Changes the file attributes of a specified file inside the guest.




Name Type Description
vm VcVirtualMachine Virtual Machine to perform the operation on.
auth VcGuestAuthentication The guest authentication data. See <a href="VcGuestAuthentication.html">VcGuestAuthentication</a>.
guestFilePath String The complete path to the file to be copied in the guest. If the file points to an symbolic link, then the attributes of the target file are changed.
fileAttributes VcGuestFileAttributes Specifies the different file attributes of the guest file to be changed. See <a href="VcGuestFileAttributes.html">VcGuestFileAttributes</a>. If any property is not specified, then the specific attribute of the file will be unchanged.