Class VclNetworkConnection

Extends com.vmware.vmo.plugin.vcloud.model.VCloudExtensible
Represents a network connection in the virtual machine.


Name Type Description
externalIpAddress String If the network to which this NIC connects provides NAT services, the external address assigned to this NIC appears here.
ipAddress String IP address assigned to this NIC.
ipAddressAllocationMode String IP address allocation mode for this connection. One of:<br> <b>POOL</b> (A static IP address is allocated automatically from a pool of addresses.)<br> <b>DHCP</b> (The IP address is obtained from a DHCP service.)<br> <b>MANUAL</b> (The IP address is assigned manually in the IpAddress element.)<br> <b>NONE</b> (No IP addressing mode specified.)
isConnected boolean TBS
mACAddress String MAC address associated with the NIC.
needsCustomization boolean TBS
network String Name of the network to which this NIC is connected.
networkConnectionIndex Number Virtual slot number associated with this NIC. First slot number is 0.
otherAttributes VclMap TBS Related object types: Key:VclQName Value:String
vCloudExtension VclObjectList An optional extension element that can contain an arbitrary number of elements and attributes. Not related to extension services. Related object types: VclVCloudExtension


Name Returns
VclNetworkConnection() constructor
getInstance( ) VclNetworkConnection
loadFromXml(String xml) void
toXml() String

Returned by

Method Returns
VclNetworkConnection.getInstance( ) VclNetworkConnection

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