Class VclLdapSettings

Extends com.vmware.vmo.plugin.vcloud.model.VCloudExtensible
Defines the hostname and connection details for system LDAP service.


Name Type Description
authenticationMechanism String Defines the authentication mechanism used by the LDAP service.
connectorType String Defines the type of the LDAP service.
groupAttributes VclLdapGroupAttributes Defines how LDAP attributes are used when importing a group.
groupSearchBase String LDAP group search base.
hostName String Hostname of the LDAP server.
href String The URI of the entity.
isGroupSearchBaseEnabled boolean TBS
isSsl boolean TBS
isSslAcceptAll boolean TBS
maxResults java.lang.Integer Maximum results returned.
maxUserGroups java.lang.Integer Maximum results returned for user groups.
otherAttributes VclMap TBS Related object types: Key:VclQName Value:String
pagedSearchDisabled boolean TBS
pageSize java.lang.Integer Size of the page.
password String Password for the user identified by UserName. This value is never returned by GET. It is inspected on create and modify. On modify, the absence of this element indicates that the password should not be changed.
port Number Port at which to connect to the LDAP service.
realm String LDAP realm to use when looking up users.
searchBase String LDAP search base.
type String The MIME type of the entity.
useExternalKerberos boolean TBS
userAttributes VclLdapUserAttributes Defines how LDAP attributes are used when importing a user.
userName String Username to use when logging in to LDAP, specified using LDAP attribute=value pairs (for example: cn="ldap-admin", c="example", dc="com").
vCloudExtension VclObjectList An optional extension element that can contain an arbitrary number of elements and attributes. Not related to extension services. Related object types: VclVCloudExtension


Name Returns
VclLdapSettings() constructor
getInstance( ) VclLdapSettings
loadFromXml(String xml) void
toXml() String

Returned by

Method Returns
VclAdminExtension.getLdapSettings() VclLdapSettings
VclLdapSettings.getInstance( ) VclLdapSettings

Referenced in

Method Returns
VclAdminExtension.updateLdapSettings(VclLdapSettings settings) void