Class VumPatchSearchSpec

Extends com.vmware.o11n.vmo.plugin.vmware_update_manager.model.ManagedEntity
A patch search criteria for the Update Manager plug-in


Name Type Description
endDate java.util.Calendar End of the search interval
failOnManyUpdates boolean If set to true, and if the result set is too big, the Update Manager server reports an error.
language String[] Patch language. The list with valid values is retrieved with a call to VumObjectManager.getPatchLanguages().
phrase String Comma separated list of search keywords. Match is case insensitive.
product String[] Specify the names of the software products for which you want to retrieve patches.
serverUri String URI of the server
severity com.vmware.o11n.vmo.plugin.vmware_update_manager.model.patch.Severity[] Specifies the patch severity level. See the Severity enumeration for valid values.
startDate java.util.Calendar Beginning of the search interval
targetType com.vmware.o11n.vmo.plugin.vmware_update_manager.model.TargetType[] Specifies patch target type. See the TargetType enumeration for valid values.
updateType com.vmware.o11n.vmo.plugin.vmware_update_manager.model.patch.UpdateType[] Specifies patch update type. See the UpdateType enumeration for valid values.
vendor String[] Specify the vendors of the patches that you want to retrieve.


Name Returns
VumPatchSearchSpec(String serverURI) constructor
setSeverityFromStrings(String[] strSeverity) void
setTargetTypeFromStrings(String[] strTargetType) void
setUpdateTypeFromStrings(String[] strUpdateType) void

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Method Returns
VumObjectManager.createPatchBaseline(String vcUri, String name, String description, String contentType, String targetType, VumPatchInfo[] includePatch, VumPatchInfo[] excludePatch, boolean isExtension, VumPatchSearchSpec searchSpec) VumBaseline
VumObjectManager.getPatches(String vcUri, VumPatchSearchSpec spec, java.lang.Integer[] patchIds, java.lang.Integer[] baselineIds, String[] bundleType, String[] installationImpact) VumPatch[]