Class VumPatchDetail

Extends com.vmware.o11n.vmo.plugin.vmware_update_manager.model.ManagedEntity
A patch detail from the Update Manager plug-in


Name Type Description
affectedComponent String[] The affected sub-components
binaryPath String The path or URL of the installable module if exists
bugtraqId String[] The bugtraq identifiers that this update applies to
cveId String[] The CVE identifiers that this update applies to
description String Patch description
detailsUrl String URL for additional details
idByVendor String[] Patch ID as provided by the vendor
installFlags String The command line switches to install the update
installSeparately boolean Whether or not the update requires to be installed separately
patchSize java.lang.Integer Size of the patch
status java.lang.Integer Patch status
vendor String The name of the vendor that provides the update



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