Class VumPatchBaseline

A patch baseline from the Update Manager plug-in


Name Type Description
baselineType BaselineType Baseline type. See the BaselineType enumeration for valid values.
contentType BaselineContentType Baseline content type. See the BaselineContentType enumeration for valid values.
currentPatches VumPatchInfo[] Patches part of this baseline
description String Baseline description
exclPatches VumPatchInfo[] Patches excluded from this baseline
id java.lang.Integer Baseline ID
inclPatches VumPatchInfo[] Patches included in this baseline
lastUpdateTime java.util.Calendar The last update time
lastUpdateTimeAsStr String Formatted string for the last update timestamp
name String Baseline name
patchSearchSpec VumPatchSearchSpec Search criteria for dynamic patches
serverUri String URI of the server
targetType TargetType Baseline target type. See the TargetType enumeration for valid values.


Name Returns
setContentTypeFromString(String contentType) void

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Method Returns
VumObjectManager.updatePatchBaseline(VumPatchBaseline baseline) void