Class VcVsanPolicySatisfiability

Extends VcDynamicData
PolicySatisfiablity -- Structure to describe whether a policy can be satisfied.


Name Type Description
cost VcVsanPolicyCost Cost of satisfying the new policy; This is unset if policy cannot be satisfied.
isSatisfiable boolean Can the policy be satisfied given the assumptions of the API that queried satisfiability.<br>See[]
reason VcLocalizableMessage Reason for not being able to satisfy the policy; This is unset if policy can be satisfied.
uuid String UUID of the object.


Name Returns
VcVsanPolicySatisfiability() constructor

Returned by

Method Returns
VcHostVsanInternalSystem.canProvisionObjects(VcVsanNewPolicyBatch[] npbs, boolean ignoreSatisfiability) VcVsanPolicySatisfiability[]
VcHostVsanInternalSystem.reconfigurationSatisfiable(VcVsanPolicyChangeBatch[] pcbs, boolean ignoreSatisfiability) VcVsanPolicySatisfiability[]

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