Class VcVmShutdownOnIsolationEvent

Extends VcVmPoweredOffEvent
This event records when a virtual machine has been shut down on an isolated host in a HA cluster.


Name Type Description
chainId Number The parent or group ID.
changeTag String The user entered tag to identify the operations and their side effects
computeResource VcComputeResourceEventArgument The ComputeResource object of the event.
createdTime Date The time the event was created.
datacenter VcDatacenterEventArgument The Datacenter object of the event.
ds VcDatastoreEventArgument The Datastore object of the event.
dvs VcDvsEventArgument The DistributedVirtualSwitch object of the event.
fullFormattedMessage String A formatted text message describing the event. The message may be localized.
host VcHostEventArgument The Host object of the event.
isolatedHost VcHostEventArgument The isolated host on which a virtual machine was shutdown.
key Number The event ID.
net VcNetworkEventArgument The Network object of the event.
shutdownResult String Indicates if the shutdown was successful. If the shutdown failed, the virtual machine was powered off. see Operation
template boolean Indicates whether or not the virtual machine is marked as a template.
userName String The user who caused the event.
vm VcVmEventArgument The VirtualMachine object of the event.


Name Returns
VcVmShutdownOnIsolationEvent() constructor

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