Class VcVirtualUSBController

Extends VcVirtualController
The VcVirtualUSBController data object describes a virtual USB controller and contains a list of the devices connected to the controller. A virtual machine must have a virtual USB controller before you can add a USB device to the virtual machine configuration. To add a controller, include a VcVirtualUSBController object in the VcVirtualDeviceConfigSpec for your virtual machine configuration. You can add only one controller to a virtual machine. A virtual USB controller supports up to 20 USB device connections on the virtual machine.

The ESX Server host must have the USB controller hardware and modules that support USB 2.0 and USB1.1. You can use a maximum of 15 USB controllers on a host. If your system includes an additional number of controllers with connected devices, the additional devices will not be available to virtual machines on the host.

You must remove all USB devices from a virtual machine before you can remove the USB controller.


Name Type Description
autoConnectDevices boolean Flag to indicate whether or not the ability to hot plug devices is enabled on this controller.
backing VcVirtualDeviceBackingInfo Information about the backing of this virtual device presented in the context of the virtual machine's environment. Not all devices are required to have backing information.<br>See <a target="_blank" href="">VcVirtualMachineConfigOption</a><br>
busNumber Number Bus number associated with this controller.
connectable VcVirtualDeviceConnectInfo Provides information about restrictions on removing this device while a virtual machine is running. If the device is not removable, then this property is null.
controllerKey Number Object key for the controller object for this device. This property contains the key property value of the controller device object.
device Number[] List of devices currently controlled by this controller. Each entry contains the <a target="_blank" href="">VcVirtualDevice</a> property of the corresponding device object.
deviceInfo VcDescription Provides a label and summary information for the device.
ehciEnabled boolean Flag to indicate whether or not enhanced host controller interface (USB 2.0) is enabled on this controller.
key Number A unique key that distinguishes this device from other devices in the same virtual machine. Keys are immutable but may be recycled; that is, a key does not change as long as the device is associated with a particular virtual machine. However, once a device is removed, its key may be used when another device is added. <p> This property is not read-only, but the client cannot control its value. Persistent device keys are always assigned and managed by the server, which guarantees that all devices will have non-negative key values. <p> When adding new devices, it may be necessary for a client to assign keys temporarily in order to associate controllers with devices in configuring a virtual machine. However, the server does not allow a client to reassign a device key, and the server may assign a different value from the one passed during configuration. Clients should ensure that existing device keys are not reused as temporary key values for the new device to be added (for example, by using unique negative integers as temporary keys). <p> When editing or deleting a device, clients must use the server-provided key to refer to an existing device.
slotInfo VcVirtualDeviceBusSlotInfo Information about the bus slot of a device in a virtual machine.
unitNumber Number The unit number of this device on its controller. This property is null if the controller property is null (for example, when the device is not attached to a specific controller object). <p> Normally, two devices on the same controller may not be assigned the same unit number. If multiple devices could exist on a controller, then unit number has to be specified to configure respective devices.


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VcVirtualUSBController() constructor

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