Class VcUnattendedWindowsInstallSpec

Extends VcUnattendedInstallSpec
Default constructor


Name Type Description
adminFullName String Full name of the administrator.
adminPassword String Cleartext password for the administrator account. May be empty.
guestId String Identifier of the OS to be installed. For more information on possible values, see <a target="_blank" href="">VcVirtualMachineGuestOsIdentifier</a>.
mediaPath String Datastore path to the ISO image or a path to a physical device as seen by the host. The physical device can be specified using local or datastore path syntax.
productKey String Windows serial number.
timeZone String Time zone for the new system. See the TimeZone section in <a target="_blank" href=""> this </a> Microsoft TechNet article.


Name Returns
VcUnattendedWindowsInstallSpec() constructor

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