Class VcStorageDrsPodConfigSpec

Extends VcDynamicData
The VcStorageDrsPodConfigSpec data object provides a set of update specifications for pod-wide storage DRS configuration. To support incremental changes, these properties are all optional.


Name Type Description
automationOverrides VcStorageDrsAutomationConfig Configuration settings for fine-grain automation overrides on the cluster level setting.
defaultIntraVmAffinity boolean Specifies whether or not each virtual machine in this pod should have its virtual disks on the same datastore by default.
defaultVmBehavior String Specifies the pod-wide default storage DRS behavior for virtual machines. For currently supported storage DRS behavior, see <a target="_blank" href="">VcStorageDrsPodConfigInfoBehavior</a>. You can override the default behavior for a virtual machine by using the <a target="_blank" href="">VcStorageDrsVmConfigInfo</a> object.
enabled boolean Flag indicating whether or not storage DRS is enabled.
ioLoadBalanceConfig VcStorageDrsIoLoadBalanceConfig The configuration settings for load balancing I/O workload. This takes effect only if <a target="_blank" href="">VcStorageDrsPodConfigInfo</a> is <code>true</code>.
ioLoadBalanceEnabled boolean Flag indicating whether or not storage DRS takes into account storage I/O workload when making load balancing and initial placement recommendations.
loadBalanceInterval Number Specify the interval that storage DRS runs to load balance among datastores within a storage pod.
option VcStorageDrsOptionSpec[] Changes to advance settings.
rule VcClusterRuleSpec[] Changes to the set of rules.
spaceLoadBalanceConfig VcStorageDrsSpaceLoadBalanceConfig The configuration settings for load balancing storage space.


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VcStorageDrsPodConfigSpec() constructor

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