Class VcProfileCompositeExpression

Extends VcProfileExpression
DataObject to Compose expressions. It is used to group expressions together. They are similar to a parentheses in an expression.


Name Type Description
displayName String User visible display name
expressionName String[] List of expression names that will be used for this composition. The individual expressions will return a boolean. The return values of the individual expressions will be used to compute the final return value of the CompositeExpression. The expressions specified in the list can themselves be CompositeExpressions.
id String Identifier of this expression. The id has to be unique within a Profile. The id can be used as a key while building composite expressions.
negated boolean Flag indicating if the condition of the expression should be negated. e.g: conditions like VSwitch0 has vmnic0 connected to it can be turned into VSwitch0 doesn't have vmnic0 connected to it.
operator String Logical operator to be applied between the expressions in the composite expression. e.g: or, and


Name Returns
VcProfileCompositeExpression() constructor

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