Class VcOvfCreateDescriptorResult

Extends VcDynamicData
The result of creating the OVF descriptor for the entity.


Name Type Description
error VcLocalizedMethodFault[] Errors that happened during processing. <p> For example, unknown or unsupported devices could be found (in which case this array will contain one or more instances of Unsupported-/UnknownDevice).
includeImageFiles boolean Returns true if there are ISO or Floppy images attached to one or more VMs.
ovfDescriptor String The OVF descriptor for the entity.
warning VcLocalizedMethodFault[] Non-fatal warnings from the processing. <p> The result will be valid, but the user may choose to reject it based on these warnings.


Name Returns
VcOvfCreateDescriptorResult() constructor

Returned by

Method Returns
VcOvfManager.createDescriptor(VcManagedEntity obj, VcOvfCreateDescriptorParams cdp) VcOvfCreateDescriptorResult

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