Class VcOvfCreateDescriptorParams

Extends VcDynamicData
Collection of parameters for createDescriptor


Name Type Description
description String The contents of the Annontation section of the top-level OVF Entity. If unset, any existing annotation on the entity is left unchanged.
exportOption String[] An optional argument for modifying the export process. The option is used to control what extra information that will be included in the OVF descriptor. <p> To get a list of supported keywords see <a target="_blank" href="">VcOvfManager</a>. Unknown options will be ignored by the server.
includeImageFiles boolean Controls whether attached image files should be included in the descriptor. This applies to image files attached to VirtualCdrom and VirtualFloppy.
name String The ovf:id to use for the top-level OVF Entity. If unset, the entity's product name is used if available. Otherwise, the VI entity name is used.
ovfFiles VcOvfFile[] Contains information about the files of the entity, if they have already been downloaded. Needed to construct the References section of the descriptor. <p> OvfFile is a positive list of files to include in the export. An Empty list will do no filtering.
snapshot VcVirtualMachineSnapshot Snapshot reference from which the OVF descriptor should be based. <p> If this parameter is set, the OVF descriptor is based off the snapshot point. This means that the OVF descriptor will have the same configuration as the virtual machine at the time the snapshot was taken. <p> The snapshot must be belong to the specified ManagedEntity in the createDescriptor call.


Name Returns
VcOvfCreateDescriptorParams() constructor

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Method Returns
VcOvfManager.createDescriptor(VcManagedEntity obj, VcOvfCreateDescriptorParams cdp) VcOvfCreateDescriptorResult