Class VcHostVffsVolume

Extends VcHostFileSystemVolume
vFlash File System Volume.


Name Type Description
capacity Number The capacity of the file system volume, in bytes.
extent VcHostScsiDiskPartition[] The list of partition names that comprise this disk's VFFS extents.
majorVersion Number Major version number of VFFS.
name String Name of the file system volume.
type String FileSystemType of this particular file system See <a target="_blank" href="">VcHostFileSystemVolumeFileSystemType</a>
uuid String The universally unique identifier assigned to VFFS.
version String Version string. Contains major and minor version numbers.


Name Returns
VcHostVffsVolume() constructor

Returned by

Method Returns
VcHostStorageSystem.formatVffs(VcHostVffsSpec createSpec) VcHostVffsVolume

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