Class VcHostProfileMappingProfileMappingData

Extends VcHostProfileMappingData
Mapping data specific for profiles


Name Type Description
attributePath String Path to an attribute in the mapped API, relative to the <code>basePath</code>. If specified, then the value at this path in the mapped API should be used for comparisons with the host profile element. For example, if the scoping host profile element is a parameter, then the mapped API value should be compared against the parameter value from the host profile document. Alternatively, for a policy option or profile then the mapped API value specified by this path may be used as part of the <a target="_blank" href="">VcHostProfileAttributeCondition</a> object in the <code>condition</condition>.
basePath String The path within the mapped API that should be used as the base for the other relative paths specified for this host profile element. If this attribute is not specified for a host profile element, then the <code>basePath</code> is inherited from its parent element. I.e., a parameter inherits its <code>basePath</code> from the scoping policy option, a policy option inherits from the scoping policy, a policy inherits from the scoping profile, and a profile inherits from its parent profile.
condition VcHostProfileAttributeCondition Defines a boolean comparison to be evaluated against the attribute given by <code>basePath</code> and <code>attributePath</code>. If specified for a PolicyOptionMapping, then an evaluation result of True indicates that the policy option matches the mapped API data, and a result of False indicates the policy option does not match the mapped API data. If specified for a ParameterMapping, then an evaluation result of True indicates that the parameter in the Host Profile is expected to match the API value for the <code>basePath</code> and <code>attributePath</code>, but if the condition evaluates to False, then the parameter in the Host Profile is expected to be unset/empty, or False for a parameter with a boolean type.
lookup VcHostProfileMappingLookup Provides data required to perform lookups in a Host Profile document to correlate API data with host profile data.


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VcHostProfileMappingProfileMappingData() constructor

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