Class VcHostActiveDirectoryInfo

Extends VcHostDirectoryStoreInfo
The VcHostActiveDirectoryInfo data object describes ESX host membership in an Active Directory domain. If the VcHostAuthenticationStoreInfo property is True, the host is a member of a domain and the ESX Server will set the domain information properties.


Name Type Description
domainMembershipStatus String Health information about the domain membership. See <a target="_blank" href="">VcHostActiveDirectoryInfoDomainMembershipStatus</a>.
enabled boolean Indicates whether the authentication store is configured. <ul> <li> Host Active Directory authentication - <code>enabled</code> is <code>True</code> if the host is a member of a domain. </li> <li> Local authentication - <code>enabled</code> is always <code>True</code>. </li> </ul>
joinedDomain String The domain that this host joined.
smartCardAuthenticationEnabled boolean Whether local smart card authentication is enabled.
trustedDomain String[] List of domains with which the <code>joinedDomain</code> has a trust. The <code>joinedDomain</code> is not included in the <code>trustedDomain</code> list.


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VcHostActiveDirectoryInfo() constructor

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