Class VcExtensionManager

Extends com.vmware.vmo.plugin.vi4.model.VimContentManagedObject
This managed object type provides directory and basic management services for all registered extensions.

Clients use the ExtensionManager, available in VcServiceInstance, to access extension objects.

While several authentication methods are available for extension servers to use (see VcSessionManager), only one authentication method is valid for an extension at any given time.


Name Type Description
extensionList VcExtension[] The list of currently registered extensions.
id String returns the id of this ManagedObject
reference VcManagedObjectReference returns the ManagedObjectReference of this ManagedObject
sdkConnection VcSdkConnection returns the parent SdkConnection
vimHost VcSdkConnection returns the parent SdkConnection (deprecated)
vimType String returns the type of this ManagedObject


Name Returns
createTrigger(Number timeout, String filter, String condition, String filterToSync) Trigger
findExtension(String extensionKey) VcExtension
getPublicKey() String
queryExtensionIpAllocationUsage(String[] extensionKeys) VcExtensionManagerIpAllocationUsage[]
queryManagedBy(String extensionKey) VcManagedEntity[]
registerExtension(VcExtension extension) void
setExtensionCertificate(String extensionKey, String certificatePem) void
setPublicKey(String extensionKey, String publicKey) void
unregisterExtension(String extensionKey) void
updateExtension(VcExtension extension) void

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