Class VcDvsTrafficFilterConfig

Extends VcDvsFilterConfig
This class defines Traffic Filter configuration.

Supported Qualifier and Actions


Traffic Filter Config Supported classes
Qualifiers supported VcIpRange, VcMacRange, VcDvsSingleIpPort, VcDvsSystemTrafficNetworkRuleQualifier
Actions Supported VcDvsDropNetworkRuleAction, VcDvsAcceptNetworkRuleAction, VcDvsPuntNetworkRuleAction, VcDvsCopyNetworkRuleAction, VcDvsMacRewriteNetworkRuleAction, VcDvsGreEncapNetworkRuleAction, VcDvsLogNetworkRuleAction, VcDvsUpdateTagNetworkRuleAction, VcDvsRateLimitNetworkRuleAction
Name Type Description
agentName String The name of the network traffic filter agent.
inherited boolean Whether the configuration is set to inherited value.
key String The key of Network Filter Config.
onFailure String This property specifies whether to allow all traffic or to deny all traffic when a Network Filter fails to configure. Please see <a target="_blank" href="">VcDvsFilterOnFailure</a> for more details.
parameters VcDvsFilterParameter Network Filter Parameter
slotNumber String The slot number of the network filter agent.
trafficRuleset VcDvsTrafficRuleset Network Traffic Ruleset


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VcDvsTrafficFilterConfig() constructor

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