Class VcDistributedVirtualSwitchManagerCompatibilityResult

Extends VcDynamicData
This is the return type for the checkCompatibility method. This object has a host property and optionally a fault which would be populated only if that host is not compatible with a given dvsProductSpec. If the host is compatible then the error property would be unset.


Name Type Description
error VcLocalizedMethodFault[] This property contains the faults that makes the host not compatible with a given DvsProductSpec. For example, a host might not be compatible because it's an older version of ESX that doesn't support DVS.
host VcHostSystem The host for which results are annotated. The whole object will be filtered out if the caller did not have view permissions on the host entity.


Name Returns
VcDistributedVirtualSwitchManagerCompatibilityResult() constructor

Returned by

Method Returns
VcDistributedVirtualSwitchManager.queryDvsCheckCompatibility(VcDistributedVirtualSwitchManagerHostContainer hostContainer, VcDistributedVirtualSwitchManagerDvsProductSpec dvsProductSpec, VcDistributedVirtualSwitchManagerHostDvsFilterSpec[] hostFilterSpec) VcDistributedVirtualSwitchManagerCompatibilityResult[]

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