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Extends com.vmware.vmo.plugin.vi4.model.VimManagedEntity
Represents a storage location for virtual machine files. A storage location can be a VMFS volume, a directory on Network Attached Storage, or a local file system path.

A datastore is platform-independent and host-independent. Therefore, datastores do not change when the virtual machines they contain are moved between hosts. The scope of a datastore is a datacenter; the datastore is uniquely named within the datacenter.

Any reference to a virtual machine or file accessed by any host within the datacenter must use a datastore path. A datastore path has the form "[<datastore>] <path>", where <datastore> is the datastore name, and <path> is a slash-delimited path from the root of the datastore. An example datastore path is "[storage] path/to/config.vmx".

You may use the following characters in a path, but not in a datastore name: slash (/), backslash (\), and percent (%).

All references to files in the VIM API are implicitly done using datastore paths.

When a client creates a virtual machine, it may specify the name of the datastore, omitting the path; the system, meaning VirtualCenter or the host, automatically assigns filenames and creates directories on the given datastore. For example, specifying My_Datastore as a location for a virtual machine called MyVm results in a datastore location of My_Datastore\MyVm\MyVm.vmx.

Datastores are configured per host. As part of host configuration, a HostSystem can be configured to mount a set of network drives. Multiple hosts may be configured to point to the same storage location. There exists only one Datastore object per Datacenter, for each such shared location. Each Datastore object keeps a reference to the set of hosts that have mounted the datastore. A Datastore object can be removed only if no hosts currently have the datastore mounted.

Thus, managing datastores is done both at the host level and the datacenter level. Each host is configured explicitly with the set of datastores it can access. At the datacenter, a view of the datastores across the datacenter is shown. Returns results of type: VcDatastore


Name Description


Name Type
getRecentTask() Task
getVm() VirtualMachine

Returned by

Method Returns
ClusterComputeResource.getDatastore() Datastore
ComputeResource.getDatastore() Datastore
Datacenter.getDatastore() Datastore
DatastoreFolder.getDatastore() Datastore
HostSystem.getDatastore() Datastore
StoragePod.getDatastore() Datastore
VirtualApp.getDatastore() Datastore
VirtualMachine.getDatastore() Datastore

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