Class VcNoMaintenanceModeDrsRecommendationForVM

Extends VcVmEvent
This event records that DRS did not recommend a migration for a powered on virtual machine, even though its host is going into maintenance mode. DRS may not be able to recommend a migration for a virtual machine for reasons, include but not limited to:
  • No other connected host is compatible with this virtual machine.
  • None of the other compatible hosts have sufficient resources to satisfy the reservation requirements of this virtual machine.
  • Moving to any other host would violate a DRS rule. For example, all other compatible hosts have some incompatible virtual machines running.
  • DRS is disabled on this virtual machine.
  • This virtual machine was still in the process of migrating into the host going into maintenance mode and was not considered by DRS.
  • This virtual machine was in the process of migrating to another host when the host tried to enter maintenance mode.


Name Type Description
chainId Number The parent or group ID.
changeTag String The user entered tag to identify the operations and their side effects
computeResource VcComputeResourceEventArgument The ComputeResource object of the event.
createdTime Date The time the event was created.
datacenter VcDatacenterEventArgument The Datacenter object of the event.
ds VcDatastoreEventArgument The Datastore object of the event.
dvs VcDvsEventArgument The DistributedVirtualSwitch object of the event.
fullFormattedMessage String A formatted text message describing the event. The message may be localized.
host VcHostEventArgument The Host object of the event.
key Number The event ID.
net VcNetworkEventArgument The Network object of the event.
template boolean Indicates whether or not the virtual machine is marked as a template.
userName String The user who caused the event.
vm VcVmEventArgument The VirtualMachine object of the event.


Name Returns
VcNoMaintenanceModeDrsRecommendationForVM() constructor
equals(Object ) boolean
getDeserializer(String , java.lang.Class , javax.xml.namespace.QName ) org.apache.axis.encoding.Deserializer
getSerializer(String , java.lang.Class , javax.xml.namespace.QName ) org.apache.axis.encoding.Serializer
getTypeDesc() org.apache.axis.description.TypeDesc
hashCode() Number

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