Class VcHostLocalAccountManager

Extends com.vmware.vmo.plugin.vi4.model.VimContentManagedObject
This managed object type provides an interface through which local accounts on a host are managed. Note that this managed object applies only to applications that use a local account database on the host to provide authentication (ESX Server, for example). POSIX and win32 hosts may impose different restrictions on the password, ID, and description formats. POSIX host implementation may restrict the user or group name to be lower case letters and less than 16 characters in total. It may also disallow characters such as ";", "\n", and so on. In short, all the platform dependent rules and restrictions regarding naming of users/groups and password apply here. An InvalidArgument fault is thrown if any of these rules are not obeyed.


Name Type Description
id String returns the id of this ManagedObject
reference VcManagedObjectReference returns the ManagedObjectReference of this ManagedObject
sdkConnection VcSdkConnection returns the parent SdkConnection
vimHost VcSdkConnection returns the parent SdkConnection (deprecated)
vimType String returns the type of this ManagedObject


Name Returns
VcHostLocalAccountManager(com.vmware.vmo.plugin.vi4.model.IVimObjectFactory , VcManagedObjectReference , String ) constructor
assignUserToGroup(String user, String group) void
createGroup(VcHostAccountSpec group) void
createTrigger(Number timeout, String filter, String condition, String filterToSync) Trigger
createUser(VcHostAccountSpec user) void
removeGroup(String groupName) void
removeUser(String userName) void
unassignUserFromGroup(String user, String group) void
updateUser(VcHostAccountSpec user) void

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