Class SSHCommand

Extends ch.dunes.ssh2.AbstractSSH2
SSH Command


Name Type Description
cmd String Command to execute
error String Command error if any
exitCode String The exit code of the last command (execution channel). Values are 0 if successful, -1 for initializing, and positive number for an error.
output String Command output if any
state String Execution state


Name Returns
SSHCommand(String host, String username, SecureString password) constructor
SSHCommand(String host, String username, String password, Number port) constructor
disconnect() void
execute() void
executeAndLog(String file) void
executeCommand(String cmd, boolean wait) void
executeCommand(String ) String
find(String , String , Number ) String[]
findAll(String basePath, String pattern) String[]
findDir(String basePath, String pattern) String[]
findFile(String basePath, String pattern) String[]
getEncoding() Object
getFile(String remoteFile, String localFile) Number
listAll(String basePath) String[]
listDir(String basePath) String[]
listFile(String basePath) String[]
main(String[] ) void
putFile(String localFile, String remoteFile) Number
setEncoding(String encoding) void

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