Class SSHHostConfiguration

Extends java.lang.Object


Name Type Description
certificatePath String The path to the certificate
hostname String The hostname
id String The id of the configuration. Note: could not be manually set!
passphrase SecureString The passphrase
password SecureString The password
passwordAuthentication boolean If set to true it will use password authenticatoin, otherwise a certificate will be used.
port Number The target port
rootFolders String[] The Root Folders
username String The username


Name Returns
SSHHostConfiguration() constructor
equals(Object ) boolean
hashCode() Number
isPasswordAuthentication() boolean
toString() String

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Method Returns
SSHHost.(SSHHostConfiguration ) void
SSHHostManager.addSshHost(SSHHostConfiguration config) SSHHost
SSHHostManager.updateSshHost(SSHHost sshHost, SSHHostConfiguration sourceConfig) SSHHost