Class RESTRequest

Extends java.lang.Object
Utility class created from REST operation (or host), used to make the actual HTTP request.


Name Type Description
contentType String The content type of the request
fullUrl String Retrieves the full request URL ??? the one combining the host base URL and operation URL template with filled in input parameters


Name Returns
RESTRequest() constructor
execute() RESTResponse
executeWithCredentials(String user, String pass) RESTResponse
getContent() Object
getHeader(String ) String
getHost() RESTHost
getMethod() String
getUrl() String
setContent(Object ) void
setHeader(String header, String value) RESTResponse
setHost(RESTHost ) void
setMethod(String ) void
setRequestExecutor( ) void
setUrl(String ) void
toHttpRequest() org.apache.http.client.methods.HttpUriRequest

Returned by

Method Returns
RESTHost.createRequest(String method, String url, Object content) RESTRequest
RESTOperation.createRequest(String[] params, Object content) RESTRequest

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