Class RESTOperation

Extends java.lang.Object
REST plug-in operation object


Name Type Description
defaultContentType String The default content type of the content input for this operation (meaningful for operations with method PUT or POST)
host String Parent RESTHost of this operation
id String id
inParametersCount String The count of the input parameters (all parameters defined in the URL template) for this operation
method String HTTP method of this operation (GET, HEAD, PATCH, POST, PUT, OPTIONS, TRACE or DELETE)
name String Unique identifier of the operation
TYPE String
urlTemplate String The URL template for this operation (ex. /operation/{param1}?param2={param2})


Name Returns
RESTOperation(String ) constructor
clone() RESTOperation
createRequest(String[] params, Object content) RESTRequest
equals(Object ) boolean
getCommonHeaders() Properties
getDisplayName() String
getHeaderParameters() String[]
getInParameters() String[]
getPathParamsCount() Number
hashCode() Number
matches(String ) boolean
newOperationFromThis() RESTOperation
requiresContent() boolean
setCommonHeader(String , String ) void
setHeaderParameters(String[] ) void
toString() String

Returned by

Method Returns
RESTHost.addOperation(RESTOperation operation) RESTOperation
RESTHost.getOperation(String id) RESTOperation
RESTHost.removeOperation(String id) RESTOperation
RESTHost.updateOperation(RESTOperation operation) RESTOperation
RESTHostManager.getOperationById(String ) RESTOperation
RESTOperation.clone() RESTOperation
RESTOperation.newOperationFromThis() RESTOperation

Referenced in

Method Returns
RESTHost.addOperation(RESTOperation operation) RESTOperation
RESTHost.updateOperation(RESTOperation operation) RESTOperation
RESTHostManager.createWorkflow(RESTOperation operation, String workflowName, WorkflowCategory category, String defaultContentType) Workflow
RESTHostManager.createWorkflowWithXsdInput(RESTOperation operation, String workflowName, WorkflowCategory category, String namespace, String elementName, String defaultContentType) Workflow