Class PowerShellHost

Extends java.lang.Object
Represents a remote host with PowerShell installed on it.


Name Type Description
connectionURL String The IP/Hostname of the remote host
id String The unique ID of this object
name String Logical name given to the remote PowerShell host
port String The port on which to connect in case of WinRM type of communication.
transportProtocol String The transport protocol in case of WinRM type of communication. Can be either HTTPS or HTTP
type String The type of the communication protocol i.e. WinRM or SSH
username String The username of the user that logs to the remote PowerShell Machine


Name Returns
closeSession(String sessionId) void
endPipeline(String sessionId) void
getHostConfig() PowerShellHostConfig
getSession(String sessionId) PowerShellSession
inPipeline(String sessionId) boolean
invokeScript(String script) PowerShellInvocationResult
openSession() PowerShellSession
openSessionAs(String name, String password) PowerShellSession
startPipeline(String sessionId) void

Returned by

Method Returns
com.vmware.o11n.plugin.powershell.scripting.PowerShellBaseObject.getHost() PowerShellHost
PowerShellHostManager.update(PowerShellHostConfig hostConfig) PowerShellHost
PS_PLUGIN.PowerShellHosts() PowerShellHost

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