Class EmailMessage

Extends java.lang.Object
Main class to create mail messages


Name Type Description
bccAddress String Comma-separated list of Blank Carbon copy email addresses
ccAddress String Comma-separated list of Carbon copy email addresses
fromAddress String Email address of the sender
fromName String Display name of the sender (optional)
password String Password to connect to the SNMP host
smtpHost String Mail sender SMTP host name or IP address
smtpPort String Mail sender SMTP port (the default is 25)
subject String Email subject
toAddress String Comma-separated list of destination email addresses
username String Username to connect to the SNMP host
useSsl String Whether or not using smtp or smtps (SMTP over Ssl) protocol
useStartTls String Whether or not to enable STARTTLS command


Name Returns
EmailMessage() constructor
addMimePart(Object content, String mimetype) void
getSessionProperty(String key) String
isUseSsl() boolean
isUseStartTls() boolean
sendMessage() void
setSessionProperty(String key, String value) void

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