vRO intrinsic class java.util.UUID

Extends java.lang.Object

This class is not in the plugin metadata. Using it may work, and could depend on the vRO appliance setup.




Name Returns
java.util.UUID(Number , Number ) constructor
clockSequence() Number
compareTo(java.util.UUID ) Number
compareTo(Object ) Number
equals(Object ) boolean
fromString(String ) java.util.UUID
getLeastSignificantBits() Number
getMostSignificantBits() Number
hashCode() Number
nameUUIDFromBytes(Number[] ) java.util.UUID
node() Number
randomUUID() java.util.UUID
timestamp() Number
toString() String
variant() Number
version() Number

Returned by

Method Returns
java.util.UUID.fromString(String ) java.util.UUID
java.util.UUID.nameUUIDFromBytes(Number[] ) java.util.UUID
java.util.UUID.randomUUID() java.util.UUID

Referenced in

Method Returns
java.util.UUID.compareTo(java.util.UUID ) Number