Class IpamNetworkContainer

Extends java.lang.Object
Infoblox IPAM network container


Name Type Description
address String The address of network container
cidr Number The cidr of network container
comment String The comment
dhcpOptions IpamDhcpOptions The IPAM DHCP options
extensibleAttributes IpamExtensibleAttribute[] The extensible attributes
networkContainerAddress String The address of parent network container
networkContainerCidr Number The cidr of parent network container
networkView String The network view name
reference String The reference of network container


Name Returns
IpamNetworkContainer(String reference) constructor
IpamNetworkContainer(String ipAddress, Number cidr) constructor
getIpAddress() String
getNetworkAddress() String
getNetworkContainerIpAddress() String
setIpAddress(String ) void
setNetworkContainerIpAddress(String ) void
toString() String

Returned by

Method Returns
IpamNetworkManager.findNetworkContainers(IpamNetworkFilter filter) IpamNetworkContainer[]
IpamNetworkManager.getNetworkContainer(String ipAddress, Number cidr, String networkView) IpamNetworkContainer
IpamNetworkManager.getNetworkContainerByRef(String reference) IpamNetworkContainer

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