Class IpamFixedAddress

Extends com.infoblox.ipam.model.objects.IpamObject
Infoblox IPAM Fixed Address


Name Type Description
address String The IPv4/IPv6 address
comment String The comment
extensibleAttributes IpamExtensibleAttribute[] The extensible attributes
mac String The MAC address/DUID
msServerIpAddress String The IPv4 address of the MS DHCP server associated with this fixed address (applicable for IPv4 fixed address only)
name String The name for the fixed address. This field is required if the network is served by a Microsoft server. This field accepts the name of the fixed address in the native character set.
networkView String The network view
reference String Reference to the fixed address
restartIfNeeded boolean Flag to restart DHCP service if needed


Name Returns
IpamFixedAddress(String reference) constructor
IpamFixedAddress(String address, String mac, String networkView) constructor
getShallowCopy() IpamFixedAddress
toString() String

Returned by

Method Returns
IpamFixedAddress.getShallowCopy() IpamFixedAddress
IpamFixedAddressManager.findFixedAddressesByEA(IpamSearchableExtensibleAttribute[] extensibleAttributes, String networkView, boolean defaultNetworkView) IpamFixedAddress[]

Referenced in

Method Returns
IpamFixedAddressManager.addFixedAddress(IpamFixedAddress fixedAddress) void
IpamFixedAddressManager.addFixedAddressInNetwork(IpamFixedAddress fixedAddress, IpamNetwork network) String
IpamFixedAddressManager.addFixedAddressInRange(IpamFixedAddress fixedAddress, IpamDhcpRange dhcpRange) String
IpamFixedAddressManager.updateFixedAddress(IpamFixedAddress fixedAddress) void