Class IpamDhcpRange

Extends java.lang.Object
Infoblox IPAM DHCP Range


Name Type Description
comment String The comment about the DHCP range
dhcpOptions IpamDhcpOptions The IPAM DHCP options
endAddress String The end address of range
extensibleAttributes IpamExtensibleAttribute[] The extensible attributes
members IpamMembers The member that will provide service for this range
networkAddress String The address of network to which this range belongs
networkCidr String The CIDR of network to which this range belongs
networkView String The network view name
reference String The reference of range
restartIfNeeded boolean Flag to restart DHCP service if needed
startAddress String The start address of range


Name Returns
IpamDhcpRange(String start, String end) constructor
IpamDhcpRange(String reference) constructor
getDisable() boolean
getName() String
getShallowCopy() IpamDhcpRange
setDisable(boolean ) void
setName(String ) void
toString() String

Returned by

Method Returns
IpamDhcpRange.getShallowCopy() IpamDhcpRange
IpamNetworkManager.findRanges(IpamRangeFilter filter) IpamDhcpRange[]
IpamNetworkManager.getDhcpRange(String startAddress, String endAddress, String networkView) IpamDhcpRange
IpamNetworkManager.getRangeByRef(String reference) IpamDhcpRange

Referenced in

Method Returns
IpamDnsRecordManager.addAddressRecordInRange(IpamAddressRecord ipamAddressRecord, IpamDhcpRange ipamDhcpRange) String
IpamFixedAddressManager.addFixedAddressInRange(IpamFixedAddress fixedAddress, IpamDhcpRange dhcpRange) String
IpamHostManager.addHostAddressInRange(String hostName, String dnsView, IpamHostAddress hostAddress, IpamDhcpRange dhcpRange, boolean restartIfNeeded) String
IpamHostManager.addHostInRange(IpamHostInfo host, IpamHostAddress hostAddress, IpamDhcpRange dhcpRange) String
IpamNetworkManager.addDhcpRange(IpamDhcpRange range) void
IpamNetworkManager.getNextAvailableIPFromRange(IpamDhcpRange dhcpRange) String