Class HPEOneViewEnclosure

Extends com.vmware.o11n.sdk.modeldriven.AbstractWrapper
Represents a Enclosure Object in HPE OneView


Name Type Description
connection HPEOneViewConnection Returns reference to Connection.
enclosureModel String returns the enclosure model
json String returns the OneView Rest Api JSON payload of the object
name String returns the enclosure name
partNumber String returns the part number
serialNumber String returns the serial number
status String returns the enclosure status
uri String returns the enclosure Uri
uuid String returns the uuid of enclosure


Name Returns
HPEOneViewEnclosure() constructor
__getTarget() com.hpe.ov4vro.model.Enclosure
getInternalId() com.vmware.o11n.sdk.modeldriven.Sid
setContext(com.vmware.o11n.sdk.modeldriven.PluginContext ) void
setInternalId(com.vmware.o11n.sdk.modeldriven.Sid ) void

Returned by

Method Returns
HPEOneViewConnection.getEnclosure(String encUri) HPEOneViewEnclosure
HPEOneViewConnection.listAllEnclosures() HPEOneViewEnclosure[]
HPEOneViewConnection.listEnclosureByNameFilter(String name) HPEOneViewEnclosure[]

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