Class GEFMachineSnapshot

Extends java.lang.Object
Machine Snapshot


Name Type Description
createdDateTime java.util.Date The time when the snapshot was created.
description String A human readable description of the snapshot.
isCurrentSnapshot boolean Whether this is the currently active snapshot on the machine.
isMemorySnapshot boolean If true then this snapshot includes the machines memory. If set during CreateSnapshot indicates memory should be saved is supported.
machineUniqueId String The unique identifier of the machine this snapshot belongs to.
name String The name of the snapshot.
parentUniqueId String The unique identifier of the snapshot that this snapshot is a child of.
quiesceGuest boolean Whether the guest machine should be quiesced while taking the snapshot.
uniqueId String The unique identifier used to reference this snapshot in the provider's system.


Name Returns
build(String machineUniqueId) GEFMachineSnapshot

Returned by

Method Returns machineUniqueId) GEFMachineSnapshot

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