Class GEFMachineCdrom

Extends java.lang.Object
Machine CDROM


Name Type Description
deviceId String Gets or sets a value indicating the device the ISO should be mounted on. The value is optional, so if it is not provided, then it should be assumed that the default or first available device should be used. (optional)
location String Gets or sets the location of the ISO image. (optional)
name String Gets or sets the name of the ISO image from which to boot. (required)
password String Gets or sets the encrypted password associated with the userName. (optional)
userName String Gets or sets a username to access the ISO. (optional)


Name Returns
build(String name) GEFMachineCdrom

Returned by

Method Returns name) GEFMachineCdrom

Referenced in

Method Returns
GEFMachine.addCdrom(GEFMachineCdrom cdrom) void