Class GEFEndpoint

Extends com.vmware.o11n.plugin.genericendpoint.model.ContainerWithProperties
Represents a communication endpoint, as configured within vCAC


Name Type Description
flavor String Gets or sets the flavor of the endpoint. This can be used to define an internal api version or some other value used by the endpoint implementation
InterfaceType String Interface type to determine endpoint type.
name String Endpoint name, as configured within vCAC
password String Password for vendor authentication, as entered into vCAC Credentials' password field
ProxyAddress String Proxy host address
ProxyPort Number Proxy host port number.
ProxyUserName String Proxy host auth user name
ProxyUserPassword String Proxy host auth user password
url String URL used to communicate with the vendor
userName String Credentials domain and username to communicate with the vendor, as entered into vCAC Credentials's username field
vendor String Vendor/Provider identifier. Also used to as the leading tag used to identify vendor custom properties.


Name Returns
addAnnotation(String name, String value) void
addCustomProperty(String name, String value) void
addVendorCustomProperty(String name, String value) void
extractAuthDomain() String
extractAuthUsername() String
getAnnotation(String name) GEFPropertyItem
getAnnotations() GEFPropertyItem[]
getCustomProperties() GEFPropertyItem[]
getCustomProperty(String name) GEFPropertyItem
getHostname() String
getVendorCustomProperties() GEFPropertyItem[]
getVendorCustomProperty(String name) GEFPropertyItem

Returned by

Method Returns
GEFJsonHelper.parseEndpoint(String json) GEFEndpoint

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