Class CryptoCertificate

Extends java.lang.Object
A scripting object representing a X.509 certificate


Name Type Description
encodedBase64 String Encoded form of the certificate encoded as a Base64 string. Hashing this can create a fingerprint
issuedByDN String Distinguished Name the certificate was issued by
issuedByMap Properties issuedByDN parsed into key/value pairs
issuedToDN String Distinguished Name the certificate was issued to
issuedToMap Properties issuedToDN parsed into key/value pairs
pemEncoded String PEM Encoding of the certificate
publicKeyPem String The RSA Public Key in PEM format found in the certificate
serialNumber String Serial Number of the Certificate
sha1Fingerprint String SHA1 fingerprint of the certificate
sha256Fingerprint String SHA256 fingerprint of the certificate
signatureAlgorithm String Signature algorithm used by the certificate signer
signatureBase64 String Base64 encoded signature of the certificate
subjectAlternativeNames String[] A list of subject alternative names found in the certificate. Each will have a colon delimited prefix for the type of SAN found. ex: "dns:"


Name Returns
CryptoCertificate(String certString) constructor
getValidAfter() Date
getValidBefore() Date
isValidOn(Date date) boolean
verify(String pemKey) boolean

Returned by

Method Returns
CryptoCertificateManager.getHttpsCertificate(String urlString) CryptoCertificate[]
CryptoCertificateManager.parseCertificatePem(String pemCertString) CryptoCertificate

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