Enum LdapLoadBalancingMode

Extends java.lang.Enum
Returns load balancing mode as string.

Enum Values

Value Description
Failover Establish connections to servers in the order they are provided. If the first server is unavailable, then it will attempt to connect to the second, then to the third.
RoundRobin Use a round-robin algorithm to select the server to which the connection should be established. Any number of servers may be included in this server set, and each request will attempt to retrieve a connection to the next server in the list.
SingleServer Connect to a single server




Name Returns
fromString(String value) LdapLoadBalancingMode
getValue() String
getValuesAsString() String[]
valueOf(String ) LdapLoadBalancingMode
values() LdapLoadBalancingMode[]

Returned by

Method Returns
LdapLoadBalancingMode.fromString(String value) LdapLoadBalancingMode
LdapLoadBalancingMode.valueOf(String ) LdapLoadBalancingMode
LdapLoadBalancingMode.values() LdapLoadBalancingMode[]

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