Class LdapSearchScope

Ldap search scope


Name Type Description
BASE LdapSearchScope indicates that only the entry specified by the base DN should be considered.
ONE LdapSearchScope indicates that only entries that are immediate subordinates of the entry specified by the base DN (but not the base entry itself) should be considered
SUB LdapSearchScope which indicates that the base entry itself and any subordinate entries (to any depth) should be considered
SUBORDINATE_SUBTREE LdapSearchScope indicates that any subordinate entries (to any depth) below the entry specified by the base DN should be considered, but the base entry itself should not be considered



Returned by

Method Returns
LdapSearchRequest.getScope() LdapSearchScope

Referenced in

Method Returns , LdapSearchScope , LdapDereferencePolicy , Number , Number , String , String[] ) LdapSearchResult
LdapClient.searchForEntry(String , LdapSearchScope , Number , String , String[] ) LdapEntry
LdapEntry.matchesBaseAndScope(String , LdapSearchScope ) boolean
LdapEntry.matchesBaseAndScope(com.unboundid.ldap.sdk.DN , LdapSearchScope ) boolean
LdapSearchRequest.create(String baseDN, String filter, LdapSearchScope scope, String[] attributes, LdapDereferencePolicy derefPolicy, Number sizeLimit, Number timeLimit, boolean typesOnly) LdapSearchRequest
LdapSearchRequest.createRequest(String , String , LdapSearchScope , String[] , LdapDereferencePolicy , Number , Number , boolean ) LdapSearchRequest
LdapSearchRequest.setScope(LdapSearchScope ) void