Class LdapDN

Extends java.lang.Object
This class provides a data structure for holding information about an LDAP distinguished name (DN). A DN consists of a comma-delimited list of zero or more RDN components.




Name Returns
LdapDN(com.unboundid.ldap.sdk.DN ) constructor
equals(LdapDN dn) boolean
fromParentDn(LdapRDN rdn, LdapDN parentDN) LdapRDN
fromRdns(LdapRDN[] rdns) LdapRDN
fromString(String dnString) LdapRDN
getDelegate() com.unboundid.ldap.sdk.DN
getParent() LdapDN
getParentString() String
getRDN() LdapRDN
getRDNs() LdapRDN[]
getRDNString() String
getRDNStrings() String[]
isAncestorOf() boolean
isAncestorOf(LdapDN , boolean ) boolean
isDescendantOf(LdapDN , boolean ) boolean
isNullDN() boolean
toNormalizedString() String
toString() String

Returned by

Method Returns
LdapDN.getParent() LdapDN
LdapEntry.getParsedDN() LdapDN

Referenced in

Method Returns
LdapDN.equals(LdapDN dn) boolean
LdapDN.fromParentDn(LdapRDN rdn, LdapDN parentDN) LdapRDN
LdapDN.isAncestorOf(LdapDN , boolean ) boolean
LdapDN.isDescendantOf(LdapDN , boolean ) boolean