Method checkMigrate_Task(VcVirtualMachine vm, VcHostSystem host, VcResourcePool pool, VcVirtualMachinePowerState state, String[] testType)

Tests the feasibility of a proposed VcVirtualMachine operation.




Name Type Description
vm VcVirtualMachine The virtual machine we propose to migrate.
host VcHostSystem The target host on which the virtual machines will run. The host parameter may be left unset if the compute resource associated with the target pool represents a stand-alone host or a DRS-enabled cluster. In the former case the stand-alone host is used as the target host. In the latter case, each connected host in the cluster that is not in maintenance mode is tested as a target host. If the virtual machine is a template then either this parameter or the pool parameter must be set.
pool VcResourcePool The target resource pool for the virtual machines. If the pool parameter is left unset, the target pool for each particular virtual machine's migration will be that virtual machine's current pool. If the virtual machine is a template then either this parameter or the host parameter must be set.
state VcVirtualMachinePowerState The power state that the virtual machines must have. If this argument is not set, each virtual machine is evaluated according to its current power state.
testType String[] The set of tests to run. If this argument is not set, all tests will be run.