Method createSnapshot_Task(String name, String description, boolean memory, boolean quiesce)

Creates a new snapshot of this virtual machine. As a side effect, this updates the current snapshot.

Snapshots are not supported for Fault Tolerance primary and secondary virtual machines.

Any % (percent) character used in this name parameter must be escaped, unless it is used to start an escape sequence. Clients may also escape any other characters in this name parameter.




Name Type Description
name String The name for this snapshot. The name need not be unique for this virtual machine.
description String A description for this snapshot. If omitted, a default description may be provided.
memory boolean If TRUE, a dump of the internal state of the virtual machine (basically a memory dump) is included in the snapshot. Memory snapshots consume time and resources, and thus take longer to create. When set to FALSE, the power state of the snapshot is set to powered off. <p> <a href="VcVirtualMachineConfigOption.html#capabilities">VcVirtualMachineConfigOption</a> indicates whether or not this virtual machine supports this operation.
quiesce boolean If TRUE and the virtual machine is powered on when the snapshot is taken, VMware Tools is used to quiesce the file system in the virtual machine. This assures that a disk snapshot represents a consistent state of the guest file systems. If the virtual machine is powered off or VMware Tools are not available, the quiesce flag is ignored.