Plugins > vCenter Server 5.5.3 > VcVirtualMachine > createSecondaryVM_Task

Method createSecondaryVM_Task(VcHostSystem host)

Creates a secondary virtual machine to be part of this fault tolerant group.

If a host is specified, the secondary virtual machine will be created on it. Otherwise, a host will be selected by the system.

If a FaultToleranceConfigSpec is specified, the virtual machine's configuration files and disks will be created in the specified datastores.

If the primary virtual machine (i.e., this virtual machine) is powered on when the secondary is created, an attempt will be made to power on the secondary on a system selected host. If the cluster is a DRS cluster, DRS will be invoked to obtain a placement for the new secondary virtual machine. If the DRS recommendation (see VcClusterRecommendation) is automatic, it will be automatically executed. Otherwise, the recommendation will be returned to the caller of this method and the secondary will remain powered off until the recommendation is approved using VcClusterComputeResource. Failure to power on the secondary virtual machine will not fail the creation of the secondary.




Name Type Description
host VcHostSystem The host where the secondary virtual machine is to be created and powered on. If no host is specified, a compatible host will be selected by the system. If a host cannot be found for the secondary or the specified host is not suitable, the secondary will not be created and a fault will be returned.