Method extendVirtualDisk_Task(String name, VcDatacenter datacenter, Number newCapacityKb, boolean eagerZero)

Expand the capacity of a virtual disk to the new capacity. If the eagerZero flag is not specified, - the extended disk region of a zerothick disk will be zeroedthick - the extended disk region of a eagerzerothick disk will be eagerzeroedthick - a thin-provisioned disk will always be extended as a thin-provisioned disk. If the eagerZero flag TRUE, the extended region of the disk will always be eagerly zeroed. If the eagerZero flag FALSE, the extended region of a zeroedthick or eagerzeroedthick the disk will not be eagerly zeroed. This condition has no effect on a thin source disk.

The datacenter parameter may be omitted if a URL is used to name the disk.

Requires Datastore.FileManagement privilege on the datastore where the virtual disk resides.




Name Type Description
name String The name of the disk, either a datastore path or a URL referring to the virtual disk whose capacity should be expanded.
datacenter VcDatacenter If <code>name</code> is a datastore path, the datacenter for that datastore path. Not needed when invoked directly on ESX. If not specified on a call to VirtualCenter, <code>name</code> must be a URL.
newCapacityKb Number The new capacty of the virtual disk in Kb.
eagerZero boolean If true, the extended part of the disk will be explicitly filled with zeroes.