Plugins > vCenter Server 5.5.3 > VcVirtualApp > createChildVM_Task

Method createChildVM_Task(VcVirtualMachineConfigSpec config, VcHostSystem host)

Creates a new virtual machine in a vApp container.

This method supports creating a virtual machine directly in a vApp. A virtual machine in a vApp is not associated with a VM folder and therefore cannot be created using the method on a VcFolder.

This method can only be called directly on a VcVirtualApp or on a resource pool that is a child of a vApp.

The privilege VirtualMachine.Inventory.Create is required on this entity. Further, if this is a resource pool, the privilege Resource.AssignVMToPool is required. If this is a vApp, the privilege VApp.AssignVM is required.

Depending on the properties of the virtual machine bring created, additional privileges may be required. See VcFolder for a description of these privileges.




Name Type Description
config VcVirtualMachineConfigSpec The configuration of the virtual machine hardware.
host VcHostSystem The target host on which the virtual machine will run. This must specify a host that is a member of the ComputeResource indirectly specified by the pool. For a stand-alone host or a cluster with DRS, host can be omitted, and the system selects a default.