Plugins > vCenter Server 5.5.3 > VcStorageResourceManager > applyStorageDrsRecommendationToPod_Task

Method applyStorageDrsRecommendationToPod_Task(VcStoragePod pod, String key)

Applies a recommendation from the recommendation list. Each recommendation can be applied only once.

Requires Resource.ApplyRecommendation privilege on the storage pod. And requires Resource.ColdMigrate privilege on the virtual machine(s) that are relocated. Additionally requires Resource.HotMigrate privilege if the virtual machine is powered on (for Storage VMotion). Also requires Datastore.AllocateSpace on any datastore the virtual machine or its disks are relocated to.




Name Type Description
pod VcStoragePod The storage pod.
key String The key field of the Recommendation. <p>